14 Березня, 2022

St.Panteleimon Fund is helping Children Hospice in Nadvirna

Recently Head of St.Panteleimon Fund – Roman Sluhotskyi visited Fist Children Hospice in Nadvirna (town in Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine) and agreed to find ways of support for Palliative children along with orphans that arrived as refugees. Halyna Kuznetsova (Head of Children Hospice) informed that about 50 orphans arrived from Eastern part of Ukraine, along with 8 children as palliative patients. We consulted with our colleagues from EU and found partners from Czech Republic – Vlckovych Family Foundation, that agreed to help Children Hospice with materials and funds. Aid is expected to arrive at the begining of April 2022.

Note: The First Children Hospice was established in Nadvirna in 2014. Palliative Care Center Head Iryna Slugotska and the founder of Hospice in Ivano-Frankivsk Ludmyla Andryishyn, held TV fundraising campaign supported by national and local authorities to equip Children Hospice. Since that time we have close cooperation to develop Palliative Care in the region.

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